How To Determine If You Have A Claim

A construction lien is available to anyone (usually contractors and subcontractors), who provides labour and supplies material to a property or piece of land. If they are not paid for their services, they have the right, within a specific period of time, to register a lien on the property for the amount they are owed.

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What Is A Lien?

A lien is an encumbrance on the title of the land; it also acts as a charge on the holdback maintained by owners and general contractors.

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A Lien Has Been Placed On Your Property

If a lien is placed on your property, and you believe you have paid the adequate amounts owed to your contractor, you can defend the lien placed against your property.

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The Holdback

The Construction Lien Act mandates that every 'payor' on a contract such as the property owner must retain a holdback of 10% of the cost of service and materials. This 10% holdback is 'held back' by each contractor and subcontractor down the pyramid.

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