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Why you need a Will and a Power of Attorney

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT A Last Will and Testament, commonly referred to as your “Will” is a legal expression of a person’s wishes regarding the distribution of his or her property after death. You can make your wishes and final requests official by writing a Will. WHY YOU NEED A WILL: Your family won’t have […]

Probate Of A Will – What You Need To Know

We have had a lot of inquiries from clients during the pandemic about having their Wills prepared, and in the process, we learned that there are many incorrect facts online that clients have read. We did a four-part blog series on Wills and Estates, which has been well-received among our readers. Therefore, we decided to […]

Wills And Estates Series – Structure Of A Simple Willl

In today’s post, we will go over the skeleton structure of a simple Will. While there are many sections in a complex Will, most simple Wills follow a basic structure of Five Sections. 1)  Your name and personal details First, a Will begins by naming the person who is making the Will called the “testator”. Your name in […]

Wills And Estates Series – What Happens if i Die Without A Will?

If you die without a Will, the law says that you have died “intestate,” which means that you left no instructions as to how your property is to be divided and distributed. With no Will to provide such instructions, legislation in Ontario called the Ontario Succession Law Reform Act will outline how your property will […]

Wills And Estates Series – Can Anyone Make One?

Last year, accused Canadian killer Bryer Schmegelsky tried to do a videotaped Will shortly before his death). This was considered invalid because it didn’t meet the requirement of a Will in Ontario. Whether you use a lawyer or not, for a Will to be valid, THREE requirements must be met: A Will must be written […]

Wills And Estates Series – What Is Wills And Estates?

The purpose of this blog series is to give you a basic understanding of the key issues related to Estate Planning and Wills in Ontario. It is not legal advice and it is not a substitute for legal advice. When people hear the words “estate planning” they immediately think drafting a Will. While drafting a […]