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What to do after creating a company?

Once the corporation is incorporated, there are several things to do before the corporation can begin carrying on business:

  • Extra-provincial registrations. If the corporation is incorporated under the CBCA (Canada Business Corporations Act), it needs to obtain any necessary extra-provincial licence or registration. You need to check the specific requirements of each province and territory. For example, Ontario and Québec do not require a CBCA corporation to obtain an extra-provincial license.

    Obtaining an extra-provincial license typically involves:

    • except where the corporation is federal, checking the name availability of the corporation in the province or territory;
    • preparing and filing any necessary documents, often called an application for extra-provincial registration;
    • payment of fees.
  • Apply for a business number (and income tax, payroll remittances and harmonized sales tax (HST) or goods and services tax (GST) numbers) from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). A corporation can apply for a business number on the CRA's website. Check with CRA if you need one as not all businesses require one!
  • Apply for any licences or permits the corporation needs to carry on its business. Some cities or provinces where you operate will require this before you can start operating!

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